Bryan Johnson Studio


The lines between business and personal have always been blurred. My employees feel more like friends, my clients more like confidantes and my subjects more like dance partners. In every area of my life I strive to lean in, to get closer. This is true in my photographic approach. No zoom lenses, just a fixed 35 on my Leica M6 and a twin lens Rolleiflex. I’m forced to engage my subjects and build trust. I want to fully immerse myself in what makes you wonderful, different and distinct. I want to tell your story well. The images should draw your current tribe closer to each other while drawing in newcomers with your purpose.

Featured Work

GQ / USA Today / People Magazine
Martha Stewart / Real Simple / Parade Magazine
A Continuous Lean / PDN / Garden & Gun

Client List

Blue Bottle Coffee / USAA / TOMS shoes
Twin Six / Altamont School / Camp Desoto
Harrison Limited / Wild Sam Field Guides
representation by Philly Reps

Interesting > Perfect

This is a concept that Seth Godin has championed and I’ve taken to heart while shooting. The idea in short: it's better to be interesting than perfect.

My quest is to capture what makes you interesting. This happens by keeping my crew small & letting things unfold naturally. It happens by looking for moments that live outside of our pre-planned shot list. It happens by waiting and watching.

By exploring the interesting, my clients often end up with some truly magical images.

It's Nice to Have You in Birmingham

My family resides in the lovely & historic neighborhood of Crestwood, a few miles east of my studio in downtown Birmingham.

Our family activities take place within a 5 mile radius - kids school, church, friends, baseball fields, grocer & gym.

My wife loves working on her flower beds while I clean out our chicken coop. My boys love to camp and my daughter loves to dance.

I’m part of a road cycling club with some of my best friends. We’re called the Drama Kings. If you can wake up at 5am, it’d be a pleasure to have you join us.